African American mannequins are similar to plus size mannequins. They exist but you rarely see them in window displays. Even in cities where there is a large African American population.


When you do see African American mannequins, they often look like this.



The mannequin has ethnic features but is painted white so as to blend in with the other mannequins.

We just recycled these African American mannequins made by Adel Rootstein that a retail store was “getting rid of” to replace with glossy white egghead mannequins with no facial features.


Aren’t they gorgeous?


We have them for sale, ranging in price between $200-$350 depending upon the condition



They are so much more realistic looking this brand new African American mannequin that we sell which is imported from China.


We frequently acquire Rootstein mannequins from retail chains when they remodel. If you want to receive a notice when we receive them, send us an email and we will put you on our “Rootstein collector” list.


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8 years ago

These ladies are gorgeous. I have had the hardest time finding one that isn’t so god-awful skinny. I don’t need plus-sized, but I can’t even find a “sexy” (voluptuous) Ethnic mannequin. I run a shop for curvy girls and I really want to represent them, but I can’t for all o my looking. It’s so sad.

But, yeah, the ones you’ve shown are amazing.

If you have one around a 38-36-36, or even give or take an inch or so, PLEASE let me know.

Sincere thanks,
Snazzy Pants

7 years ago

I would love to have them their so beautiful. .I didn’t even know they had them. Beautiful. Lucky

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