Mannequins aren’t just for shop windows! Many people use mannequins in art projects such as Halloween displays, garden art, floral centerpieces – and even as a mailbox.

There are so many artistic projects people have done with mannequins, we have them categorized by theme. Below are our favorites from each category. To see other examples in that category, click on the hyperlink to be taken to that Pinterest board.

1) Halloween Displays – The month before Halloween is our busiest at Mannequin Madness. People buy up everything in our mannequin boneyard for their haunted houses and window displays. Love this one using mannequin legs.


2) Mosaic Art on Mannequins  – Mosaic tiles can transform the most beat up, damaged mannequin into Cinderella.


3) Garden Displays – who knew that mannequins and flowers & plants went hand in hand?  There are endless creative ways mannequins are used by florists and gardeners.


4) Mannequin Heads – People love to decorate mannequin heads – with paint, decoupage, plants, tiles – you name it. We love this foliage covered one that was used as a table centerpiece.


5) Paper Art – Mannequins are often a canvas to display paper art, like these one created by Zoe Bradley for Alexander McQueen.


The used and distressed mannequins that we sell at Mannequin Madness have discounted mannequins, torsos and mannequin limbs for art projects. These are mannequins that we have recycled from retail stores. Sometimes we have more items in our mannequin boneyard than we have time to photograph and put online, so if you are in the SF Bay Area, come by our warehouse to see what we have.

6) Mannequin Art – People upcycle mannequins and turn them into all kinds of interesting things, such as these mannequin lamps designed by British artist Jimmie Martin.


7) Special Events–  Event planners will rent or buy a mannequin or dress form for fashion themed parties. Here are two different ways they were used at a one used at a bar mitzvah’s. The one on the right is a life size wire dress form covered in flowers.

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8) Mannequin Hands  – as a fund-raising activity some organizations have had people decorate mannequin hands and then auction them off.


9) Mannequin Legs – European artist John Breed, does many public art projects using mannequin legs.


10) Advertising & Editorials – mannequins are commonly used in ads and editorials in humorous ways, but something they are used to make an important social statement, like this one.



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