Adel Rootstein – one of the premiere mannequin manufacturers – is known for making fiberglass versions of the top fashion models of the day. Jan Strimple was a popular runway model back in 1987 and here she is today with her fiberglass twin.



Jan was part of the the ground breaking Style for Places and Spaces collection. What made this series of mannequin special was many of them were designed to actually touch the glass of the store window where they displayed.


We frequently acquire vintage Rootstein mannequins that we sell in our used mannequin section. However most of the really popular Rootsteins get purchased by the collectors who are on our email list who receive photos of them BEFORE we post these to our website. If you want to be on our list, send us an email.

This video of Jan shows process of what was involved in creating her namesake mannequin – from clay to finished result.

It takes over 30 days for a new style of Roostein mannequin to be created from start to finish.  Fine Art Sculptor Len Gifford (below) provided a very detailed process of the steps involved in making a mannequin from the likeness of fashion model Lauren Lai in this  link




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