Yesterday we blogged about body artists using mannequins to showcase their henna or tattoo designs.

Today we blog about actual mannequin themed tattoo’s for your body.


Even though I make my living selling new and used mannequins and dress forms at Mannequin Madness, I never thought about a mannequin themed tattoo.




These are some of images that I saw on google, so apparently there plenty of fashionista’s out there who like mannequin forms.



Or perhaps someone makes their living selling crafts or do it yourself projects also likes mannequins.



Maybe some of these designs are on people who are clothing designers or fashion students.


I don’t quite get this one with the realistic looking heart, but hey – something for everyone.



Here is another variation of the realistic heart – I guess someone really LOVES mannequin forms.



If you like dress forms but prefer to use them as home decor instead of body decor, we have a wide assortment for sale at Mannequin Madness.


These last two tattoo’s I might have painted on my body temporarily for when I attend Dia de los Muertos celebrations.




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