Most of the time when people complain about their co-workers being a bunch of dummies – it is meant as an insult. But at Mannequin Madness it has a different meaning.



What we like about the stiffs and dummies that we work with is that they never complain, don’t mind working overtime and they never disagree with anything we tell them to do.



And our electric bill is very low at the warehouse as they never complain about the cold or the heat, and they prefer to be kept in the dark.


On the other hand, sometimes they just want to stand around and “strike a pose”  and are not very cooperative when we want to move them around or dress them. They like to be naked in our warehouse and show off their goods.



Since 99% of the stiffs we work with are young, thin, tall and gorgeous, we really have to bolster our self confidence to work in this environment.



There is not even any cellulite, wrinkle or gray hair in this crowd.  And their skin doesn’t sag nor do their tattoo’s fade.



While none of our “co-workers” give us feedback about a job well done, we know that they are happy when we find new homes for them – especially the ones that end up in a store window versus those that go to online vendors who keep them in a closet until the photo shoot.




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