“Best Years” a magazine published by USA Today features lifestyle stories for women 50 and older. You can find it on magazine newsstands.

This month one of the articles was about 4 women who made mid-life career changes. And as the owner of Mannequin Madness, I was was one of the four business owners that were  featured. 



I was inspired by the woman in the article who decided to become a physician at age 53 – a time when many physician’s are thinking of retiring.

What seems to be unique about mid-life career changes is that personal fulfillment and the chance to do something for the greater good is the motivation, versus money.

Although there seems to be a lot of buzz recently about women over 50 who are starting new careers and business ventures, there is still a dearth of positive images about women over 50 in the media.

And almost non-existent in the fashion industry – as someone who works with mannequins all day, I am surrounded by youthful bodies all day long.

In 10 years of being in the mannequins business I can count on one hand the number of mannequins I have seen that are are “mature” looking.



I also coined a term WOFF –  not to be confused with WOOF. WOFF stands for Women Over Fifty and Fabulous. To celebrate what it means to be a WOFF  I created multiple boards on Pinterest .

The boards showcase WOFF trailblazers, fashion icons and fashion styles. And what I am most proud of is the board that I have showing women over fifty in romantic encounters – something that you rarely see.


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