These photos are from a mannequin recycling project we did for a museum.


These may look like a pile of “mannequin garbage” to you, but to many of our customers these are potential art projects in the making.

We are so glad that we kept the museum from sending these mannequins to the landfill.

Most of the time when retail chains update their mannequins and call us to recycle their old mannequins, the mannequins tend to be in good condition and only a few years old.


But when we recycle mannequins from museums, the mannequins tend to have more missing or broken parts and are vintage mannequins.



Maybe it is because museums rely on donations so this means they don’t get the most current styles of mannequins and they hold onto their mannequins much longer than retailers do.


Many of the mannequin art, mosaic projects and halloween displays that we have on our Pinterest boards were created by customers who bought distressed mannequins from us like the ones in these photos.

These are the types of mannequins that we put in our used section or mannequin boneyard area of our warehouse. I








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