We love this recent trend of using mannequins and dress forms as a canvas for creating holiday decor with a fashion twist. And if you like them too and want to buy a new or used dress form to create your own version of these we sell them here. 

We have over 50 examples of dress forms and mannequins as Christmas trees on this Pinterest board.

Initially we first noticed this with luxury clothiers like Oscar de la Renta, who created a beautiful “Christmas Tree skirt” on a mannequin displaying his holiday fashions.


But now we are seeing variations of this idea for window displays, party decor or in private homes and offices as an alternative to having a Christmas tree.

We sold more cloth and wire dress forms this year to florists than we ever have before and it must be because of this trend.

Here are our top 7 favorites.

1 This is wonderful way to have the smell of fresh pine in your environment without the hassle of a Christmas tree. If you want a tutorial (with lots of photos ) to explain how to make this you can buy it here.


2 This one seems perfect for a holiday party or in a window display


3  When we posted this one on our Facebook page it received more shares and comments than any of the other ones. For a tutorial on how to make this with the hoop skirt click here.


4 This is an example of floral designs on a wire dress form. For a tutorial on how to create a Dress Form Christmas tree on a wire form click here.


5 Next year I am going to replicate this one and add lights and use it as my Christmas tree.


6 We sometimes have vintage dress forms like this one available for sale. The hardware on the form really adds to the elegance of the entire look.


  1. We love the idea of painting a dress form and neck block a gold color. This means that the used dress forms we sell that are on the dingy side, can be upcycled into something beautiful like this.


If you want to see more ideas like this follow our Dress Forms Christmas tree board on Pinterest. And after Christmas is over you can re-use  mannequins and dress forms for designs we have on our Floral Art With Mannequins board on Pinterest.

And here is where you can buy new or used dress forms for projects like these.