Every craft room regardless of size, needs a selection of these items:

1 practical things to help the crafter stay organized

2 beautiful things to inspire the crafter to create

3 functional things to display what the crafter has created

And to help you with gift ideas for your craft room (or the craft room of someone you love) we have assembled a range of items for each category on this board on Pinterest

Note: To be objective, we have included non-mannequin themed items on the Pinterest board. However for this blog post, here are examples of mannequin themed items for each category:

This is something that is practical and pretty: Life size wire dress forms can hold yarn


Or ribbons without taking up a lot of floor space.


There are functional  things like this 6 piece pattern making tool kit which is FREE (a $50 value) if you buy a PGM brand dress from by 12/31/13


For more ideas see our Pinterest board on Gift Ideas for the crafter/knitter/sewer



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