Humor is always a good thing to have in a window display – especially at Christmas. Holiday shopping is stressful. Laughter is therapeutic. Here are our top 5 favorites.

1 Moschino is a retailer that often uses humor in their window. We love this one with Santa needing therapy to deal with his issues around the holidays. Wish more people used Santa in unconventional ways.



2 Speaking of Santa, those Christian Loboutain shoes sticking up out of the chimney makes me wonder whether this Santa was a cross dresser.


3 The expression on this mannequin’s face makes you happy that it is him and not you that is having to deal with the tangled mess of holiday lights. Very clever way of showing   a holiday “classic” moment.


If you like this idea, this mannequin, is  the same as our soccer “goalie” mannequin


which you can buy here

4  Here is another twist on  holiday lights theme from ChadMichael Morrisette, the infamous visual merchandiser from West Hollywood


5 Lots of retailers default to the gift wrapped presents in the window for Christmas. Few do it as humorously as Mango did in this window display.


Send us your photos of holiday window displays that make you smile. Of course we prefer to see those holiday display that have a mannequin in them. Like this one that someone had in their home to represent the Grinch trying to steal Christmas.





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