This Valentine’s window display that we posted on Pinterest was repinned 44 times in one day!


While it certainly is an eye-catching (and budget friendly window display), it is typical  and unimaginative. Valentine’s Day can encompass so more than lingerie…. and candy.

These are some of our favorite 5 non-traditional images from our Valentine’s Day board on Pinterest.

Love is very much present here but in an understated and chic way. Plus the mannequin give an air of being “mature” – meaning passion is not just for the young.


This one is festive and fun – and given how dreary the weather is in Feb in most areas of the world- this brightness would be a welcome feast for the eyes.  We love to see balloons in window displays.


Valentine’s Day is more than romantic love. How about love for your city? Anthropologie’s “I love NY” display is so arresting with products displayed in a heart shape.


This Valentine’s Day seems a subtle way of saying “love yourself.” (as in self-love, not mastertbate)  It takes the sting out of not being in a romantic relationship on Feb 14.


But for those who are in a romantic relationship – or wish they were- this display expresses the thrilling passion of being in love/lust!  And this display could be used by a variety of retail establishments that sell  – alcohol or shoes or clothing or formal wear.


Find the mannequins you need for displays like this at


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