Way back in 2002 when the idea of mannequin recycling was unheard of, Mannequin Madness started recycling mannequins.


Our first clients were Sears, Nordstrom, Talbot’s and Ralph Lauren who contacted us when they were remodeling or closing locations and had anywhere from 10 to 500 mannequins they no longer needed.

Initially we were recycling mannequins only on the west coast for retailers but when Nike, Kohl’s and Bebe became our customers we expanded our network and started recycling mannequins nationwide – including Hawaii and Alaska.

The small  handful of  mannequin recyclers in the country (that are still in business) only recycle in their respective city.


The Gap, Macy’s, Tilly’s and Charlotte Russe are just a few of the other chains that have used our mannequin recycling services.

Mannequin Madness recycles so many mannequins, we earned a special achievement award from the Environmental Protection Agency. They recognized the difference our green business was making to the environment. We keep over 100,000 pounds of mannequins a year out of landfills!


See, mannequins are bulky items which are made out of materials that do not biodegrade. So retailers should not put them in the trash to end up in landfills. There should be a law “no dummies to dumpsters.”


And even those retailers who are not that concerned about being environmentally conscious, they recognize the financial savings that we offer them.

It can cost upwards of $800 a day for a retailer to rent a dump bin large enough to through away large quantities of unwanted mannequins.


Even luxury retailers like Giorgio Armani and Neiman Marcus used our services for the cost savings we offer.


While the bulk of our mannequin recycling is with retail chains, we do work with smaller chains, single stores and museums. We’ve also formed a strategic partnership with a mannequin recycler in London, so that we can offer our global retailers mannequin recycling services for their stores in Europe.

Contact us if you or a retailer you know has mannequins they no longer need and don’t know what to do with them. We can be reached at 510 444 0650 or sales@mannequinmadness.com

To learn more about our mannequin recycling services, click here. 

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