Many retail clothing chains have banned plastic bags in order to be a environmentally conscious.

But sadly many of these same retailers are participating in an activity that cancels out their attempts at being “green.”

They are throwing mannequins in dumpsters when they remodel or close locations.

Even though retailers now have the option to call mannequin recycling companies like Mannequin Madness, who will recycle their mannequins FOR FREE, too many mannequins still end up going to city landfills.

Mannequins are big, bulky objects made out of materials like fiberglass and styrofoam.

And they have bases made out of glass and metal. All of these materials are non-biodegradable so they don’t belong in landfills.

Not to mention it is expensive for retail chains to throw mannequins away since the average cost of a dumpster to haul them away if $800 a day.


The average life of a mannequin in a retail store is 7 years. Mannequins styles change just like fashion trends so many times retailers are getting rid of mannequins, not because they are damaged or missing parts. It is just that they are no longer  the latest style.

For example, mannequins in glossy colors might be popular for a few seasons and then the trend changes and translucent mannequins are what is hot. Or headless mannequins are in demand for a while and then realistic ones with wigs come back in style.

When a retail chain that is getting rid of mannequins calls a mannequin recycling company like ours, we can extend the life of the mannequin and keep it out the mannequin.  Here is how: If the mannequin is still in good condition, we resell it to others who can’t afford the price of a brand new mannequin of that same caliber (Retail chains have better quality and style mannequins than the cheap imported mannequins you find on Ebay).

We resell to customers like small retailers, museums, craft show vendors and theatre production companies and private individuals.


We also rent these mannequins to event planners, photographers and any one else who needs a mannequin for a short term purpose.

If the mannequin is not in good condition, we still can find a home for it. Artists love our mannequin boneyard as they can turn the most distressed mannequin or mannequin part into an art piece. You can find examples of mannequin art on this and this Pinterest board.

Our mannequin boneyard is popular during Halloween and Burning Man.

The Environmental Protection Agency gave us a special achievement award for recycling over 100,000 pounds of mannequins a year for stores like The Gap, Nike, Ralph Lauren and Talbot’s.

Despite all of our efforts, far too many mannequins end up like this:


So if you are at a retail chain and have mannequins that need recycling, please contact us at sales@mannequinmadness.com or 510 444 0650.


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