Fashion for dogs has gone upscale. Canine Couture encompasses everything from jeweled leashes to Halloween costumes


Here are some visual merchandising ideas to help you sell more fashion related pet products.

The photos are taken from our Pinterest board on Dog Mannequins in Retail Displays where we have examples both of dogs as fashion accessories and fashion accessories for dogs.

1 Fifi and Romeo is  “pet boutique” in Los Angeles where both the two legged and four legged visitors receive a visual feast. The stores realizes that people who pamper their pets, want to shop in a pampered environment too. Looking at their beautifully merchandised window, you would think this was an upscale ladies boutique, not a pet store. And they do sell items for both the pet and the pet owner.


2 Sometimes, less is more, but other times more is more. This retailer knows the value of  making a big impact with repetition.


3 Here is another way of visual merchandising with repetition.  One dog mannequin wearing multiples of the same item.                                        4

4  Of course re-creating a scene from a movie involving pets is always an eye-catcher


5 Dog mannequins are also effective for selling other pet related items besides clothing and leashes.  And if you are looking for dog mannequins, we have them at Mannequin