Now that you have purchased a new or used mannequin for your store window, here are some ideas to maximize them in your window display.

1 Make your windows look alive by using wire to suspend a mannequin to make to look like it’s moving.


2 Create humor in your windows with the props.


3  Passerby will do a double take when you do something unexpected in the window like this.


4 If you have multiple mannequins in your window, have them in various positions, rather than all standing upright with hands to the side. A seated mannequin can be used in a many ways like this.


5 Even doing something as simple as taking your existing mannequins and raising their arms up overhead, can create an entirely different feeling in the window.


6 The strategic use of signage can also make a difference in your window displays. We have written several blog posts with examples of creative (and budget friendly) ways to signage in your window.


Oversized items in the window (created out of foam core) will add drama that gets noticed.


If this blog post was helpful, please share it with a retailer. Our mission is to make window displays go from So What? to Sensational!


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7 years ago

Thanks foir this post, I really feel inspired by the ideas and pictures! I am wanting to suspend a mannequin to give the window display a little more OOOpmf but I am having trouble figuring out what exactly needs to be done. I have 25lb fishing line but how do you fix it to the mannequin? I tried looping it across the back and under the arms but it ends up getting caught in the arm seam and causing the arms to disconnect. Is their a trick or some sort of harness you can use?

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