This is the last in our three part series on this subject of creating a glam closet. If you missed the other posts, part one is here and part two is here.

The earlier posts explained more of the “how to” process of transforming your closet. This post is about the FIVE most popular items interior designers are purchasing from us to add the finishing touches of a closet makeover.

Interior designers are buying mannequin display forms, not only to make a closet look like a luxury boutique. But because these forms save space AND  look pretty. Everything in a celebrity style dressing room, must be attractive as well as functional.

Here are the top items interior designers are buying and many of which can be used in a multiple ways.

#1 A  life size jersey or wire dress form is THE most popular item. Some people use it to display the next day’s outfit. Others use it to permanently display a special garment, such as a cocktail dress, wedding gown or vintage dress.


Some customers use dress forms to display belts or jewelry.


We sell a range dress forms styles from decorative ones in prints to match your decor (or personality) as well as the traditional sewing forms.


#2  This egghead jewelry form is extremely popular because it doesn’t take up a lot of space and can fit on a shelf or dresser top.  It is a real workhorse as it can display a hat, wig, multiple necklaces (or scarves) bracelets and rings ALL at the same time!


We also sell other styles mannequin heads for display wigs or hats. Some are vintage inspired like this one.


3 Mannequin hands can be used to display rings or bracelets.


They can also be used to drape necklaces as well.


4 Jewelry forms, bracelet Bars and bust forms have been popular in retail boutiques for a long time, and now many people are buying them for home use.


But our miniature forms are still slightly more popular sellers for the celebrity inspired closet.


5 This mannequin themed  room divider is popular, primarily for decorative reasons, but sometimes it really used to divide space when someone is using an entire room as their “dressing area.” Or if they have to share space with someone else.


Actress Eva Longoria uses her room divider in her shoe closet, I guess to hang her dress nearby as she determines which shoe will look best with it.


For more ideas on how to what mannequin accessories to include for your celebrity style dressing room, see our My Glam Closet has a Mannequin board on Pinterest.


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