Our Yoga Mannequin in the seated Om pose received a five star rating from Bhuvana in Bend, Oregon. They are a facility that offers yoga classes, clothing and accessories and


Ayurvedic products.

The owner left a review saying: “The seated Om mannequin displays not only clothing and accessories beautifully, but also a lot of our other products, such as books, bells and prayer beads.

She has a relatively small footprint that makes it easy to elevate her onto a small table for a study window display.”

5 stars.

We tell people all the time that mannequins are “silent salesperson” but in order for them to be effective you have to have the RIGHT mannequin for your store.

The mannequin should reflect your store’s brand or image, just like an employee. Cause technically they often are the first “ employee” that your customers see – in your store window.


At MannequinMadness.com we have a wide selection of new and used mannequins so you can find the right mannequin for your needs.

See our Pinterest boards for ideas and inspiration for making your mannequin displays drive more foot traffic to your facility.



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