One of our customers is SoulRx is a company that sells eco-luxury lifestyle apparel. They ordered this product from our  yoga series of mannequins.


The owner CharisseNicole sent us this glowing email about her purchase –

“My mannequin in Tree Pose is absolutely captivating! I love her! I love the fact that she is muscular and toned and of an attainable healthy size small, rather than an emaciated stick figure.

She was recently featured (with clothes on of course) at the Pre Oscars Gifting Lounge for my company Soul Rx, and everyone loved her.”

Given that Soul Rx was displaying this mannequin at an Oscar related party – where there are lots of emaciated stick figure celebrities, this was quite the endorsement!


The product they ordered from us is from the same manufacturer that supplies retailers like Athleta and The Gap with their mannequins.

They are little pricey, ($500) but worth it. We do have a budget yoga line for those who need a less expensive yoga mannequin.