On our Pinterest board on dog mannequins we have creative examples of how upscale retailers like Barney’s, Bloomindgale’s, Ralph Lauren and Hermes are using dog mannequins to create in eye-catching displays.


These trend is catching on and how other retailers have followed suit and are using dog mannequins as an integral part of their displays.


That is why we sell a wide variety of dog mannequins (different breeds, different sizes, different price points) at Mannequin Madness

One of our customers, Lili the First, a retailer based in Vienna, Virginia bought one of our howling greyhound and they use it to display jewelry (for women, not dogs)


Lili The First Boutique is focused on creative women who are looking to add a little edge to their look while at the same time staying age appropriate. And their fashion forward displays complement their brand.

Looking at the photos of their store (see the other dog mannequin they have) I love their design aesthetic and it looks like a fabulous place to shop.




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