If think mannequin legs are just for hosiery or socks, you are missing an opportunity.

Here are creative ways that retailers are using mannequin legs to eye catching displays.

1 Hermes uses a mannequin leg (and an arm) for this display to sell shoes. I think the shoes should have been facing the other direction (like they are walking shoes on a leash instead of a dog)


2 Found this image on Pinterest and the retailer wasn’t credited. But you have to admit this is a unique way to showcase swim shorts.


3 Selfridges created a “show carnival”with these mannequin legs. BTW, we have all kinds of new and used mannequin legs for sell at Mannequin Madness.


4 This is an eye-catching and non-traditional way of selling hosiery (or pants) using mannequin legs.


5 Blessing Boutique in Pacific Grove, Ca ran an ad using this display from their store saying “people will do anything to get into our boutique. These boots are made for shopping”


For more unique ideas on using mannequin legs, see our Mannequin Legs Board on Pinterest.


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Ton van der Veer
8 years ago

Photo 1: too predictable if the shoes face the same way as the leg, always go for a point of difference, great display Photo 2: The window display is by Saks Fifth Avenue Photo 3 and 4 window displays at there BEST, Regards TON VAN DER VEER

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