Mannequin Dress Forms are a versatile “must have”item for a fashion themed party. Here are the creative ways that top event planners around the country use them. Dress forms can be rented as well as purchased from companies like Mannequin Madness.

1 Dress Forms covered in flowers and fabric made a dramatic centerpieces in this entrance for a bat mitzvah. This bat mitzvah was done by #LinziEvents.


2 As life size table centerpieces, like these which were draped in fabric and adorned in neckless by “Something New Events”


3 Miniature sized dress forms can be draped in designs created by the girl/woman being celebrated and
given as gifts or used as table decor.


4 Cloth dress forms can be used as a fashionable guestbook


5 Or you can paint a fiberglass mannequin form in chalk paint for guests to sign



6 On our Pinterest board called Mannequins You Can Eat we have examples of desserts shaped like mannequins or dress forms.


7 Wire dress forms are covered in flowers and used as table or floor decoration like this one by Janet Flowers Wedding and Events in Maryland.


Whatever dress form you need (except for the cakes) you can find at MannequinMadness.com We sell new and used dress forms in a range of styles and prices.

For more ideas on decorating with mannequins for your fashion themed event, we have the following boards on Pinterest with hundreds of images and ideas to inspire you:

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