When a producer at Bloomberg TV requested to interview me for a segment, I thought it was a prank. Why would Bloomberg TV – which I thought focused on financial matters, global issues and technology companies – be interested in my niche mannequin business?

Turns out that bloomberg.com frequently does video profiles on sustainability issues. And they were interested in the green aspect of our business – recycling mannequins for retail chains like REI, Bebe, Nordstrom, The Gap, and Nike.

In the past we recycled over 100,000 mannequins a year. But now we recycle close to that EVERY three months since we have expanded to recycle a national level, instead of only regionally.

When we say recycling that doesn’t mean we turn an old mannequin into a new product. (But we do at times upcycle mannequin parts and turn them into furniture like this table. So I guess that counts)

Instead we haul away mannequins that retailers no longer need – not because something is wrong with them – but because the chain is remodeling or closing a store. We keep them from putting unwanted mannequins in the landfill.

We then sell these used mannequins on our website to a wide range of customers at deeply discounted prices from what they would normally cost brand new.

If the mannequins arrive broken or damaged, we don’t repair them. We sell them in our mannequin boneyard to people looking for mannequins and mannequin parts for Halloween displays and art projects. You can see example on our Pinterest boards.

Thank you Bloomberg for sharing showing the world how “a bunch of stiffs and dummies”can have a global impact by helping retailers reduce their environmental footprint.


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