This month a lot of retailers are creating displays about breast cancer awareness. Let’s look at some of them. The one above is one of my favorite, because the focus is not on promoting whatever the vendor is selling but instead it promotes an attitude. And as a result I have a positive attitude about this vendor.



Unlike what I feel when I see this display which is a bunch of lingerie clad mannequins next to a pink ribbon sign. WTF? Maybe if the mannequins were wearing  lingerie for women who had had a mastectomy, I might feel differently.


I love the idea of covering a wire dress form  in pink ribbons.



Or buying a pink mannequin


Don’t you think this display below would have been more powerful if they had a pink mannequin was holding the pink balloons?



Not sure if this window display is funny or disgusting —but it is eye-catching. Saving your breasts from cancer so that a man can get to “second base”is an unusual way to promote breast cancer awareness.



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