After reading this article from Entrepreneur magazine about the value of working in a creative environment, I put this custom made table in my office:


Since I sell mannequins for a living, people kinda expect me to be creative. And this mannequin table that my company just started making from the mannequin legs we recycle, demonstrates that.

But sometimes with all the fun creative things in my office, people don’t think I have a “serious” business.

However once they see all the awards and plaques on the wall that I have earned- they are taken aback.



But they might also be taken aback by the lifelike mannequin I have on a lounging on a pedestal underneath my awards.



The child mannequin on the bookcase behind me is wearing my girl scout sash.Being a girl scout prepared me so many skills I would need later once I became an entrepreneur.

Sometimes when I step away from my office I have a Goldfinger like mannequin sit at my desk.


On the shelves beside my desk I have a Michelle Obama doll, an African American version of the entrepreneur Barbie Doll and lots of miniature dress forms and photos of dress forms.

My friends who have started their own businesses often struggle with finding the right office space. They want a sense of community, a central location, good amenities – all at a good price.


Co-working space like the ones at WeWork which is located in various cities around the US, seems to fit their needs. Can you believe that this photo below is a WeWork space? Looks like a fun place to work.

For 16 other creative co-working spaces check out this article from Inc. magazine. Or if you come to the SF Bay Area, you can come by and see my space in person!



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