Most of the time the mannequin art we feature on our Pinterest board is from artists taking mannequins and turning them into art pieces like this:


But we just discovered a visual artist, Linda Button, who is inspired by mannequins just as they are. And she created a series of oil paintings about mannequins called Window Dressing.

Here are the images which we think would make fabulous art for your walls at your home, office or store. The quotes are from Linda as she describes her fascination with mannequins.


I’ve been painting mannequins for years, usually posed in their glass houses on urban streets, i.e., storefront windows.

Why mannequins? These many splendored figures — these humanoids — are emblematic of who we are or might be. Buy me! Wear me! Become me! What do they/we say about ourselves and our society?

The long established nexus of art and fashion invites iterative shimmering layers and luminosity as embodied in my oil paintings, encaustics, and monotypes.


My work builds on that of unsung artists: window dressers.


It builds on the interaction of a carefully constructed still life with pedestrians, vehicles, macadam, brick, concrete, and glass; indispensable glass, the transparent yet reflective barrier between Inside and Outside.



These pieces represent my keen attraction to human surrogates in glass cages. Mannequins–with or without a head, with or without eyes–watching us watch them watch us. The transparent pane separating us kaleidoscopically reflects myriad aspects of the urban environment that we share.



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