If you want to give a loved one (or give yourself) a special Valentine’s Day gift consider a mannequin dress form.  It may seem like an unconventional choice but here are five reasons why it is a great gift.

1 Unlike a pricey dinner, you have something tangible to see after you’ve paid the bill.  And unlike chocolate, what is tangible to see won’t be on your hips or thighs.


A dress form can be used to make clothing, to display clothing or turned into a Christmas Tree like the White House did last year.

2 Flowers fade. But a dress form with a floral pattern, won’t fade for years.  Even if the romance fades, the dress form with flowers will still be vibrant.


3 Jewelry is a popular Valentine’s day gift. And if that jewelry is a necklace, you shouldn’t shove it in drawer when it isn’t being worn. Display it on a dress form so you can see it all the time. Either on a life size one in a jazzy fabric like this:


or miniature sized ones that can be displayed on a vanity.


4 Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Can’t afford to go there for Valentine’s Day? How about a dress form with a Paris motif to use as a three dimensional “vision board”so that you can fly there next year?


5 Dress Forms are multi-functional, how many Valentine’s Day gifts are like that? They provide something pretty to look at while being a space saving way to store belts, purses or display vintage clothing.


All of these style dress forms and more and be purchased at Mannequin Madness.

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