Professional Sewing Form
Professional Sewing Form








After watching one to many episodes of Project Runway, I decided I wanted a professional quality dress form like the ones the contestants sew on. That is until I realized how much they cost – they are expensive.

After watching this video  “How Stuff Works” from the Discovery Channel shows the various steps necessary to create a Wolf Dress Form. You will see a commercial first before the video begins.

It gave me a new appreciation of all the work – much of it done by hand – required to make a professional grade dress form.

Professional quality dress forms for sewing  – new or used – are expensive. Just like fine wine, they get better with age, and hold their value. Some people actually prefer older forms, especially if they have the year of manufacture stamped on the front, to display as antiques in their window or home.

We have a waiting list of clients who wants us to contact them the next time we get a used Wolf mannequin in stock – regardless of the condition.   Send us an email if you want to get on the list, you can find what we have available now, here.

Dress forms made by brands like Wolf  (the industry leader) or Royal are extremely well-crafted and durable. They are made to withstand lots of wear and tear – think of all the pinning that goes into them just for making one garment.

They are also have heavy bases (back in the day they were made of cast iron) that elevate the dress form to different heights.

We offer  economical dress forms (made by machine versus by hand) which has most of the features of a Wolf form at a fraction of the price.