If you are displaying vintage clothing or historic military uniforms these garments are often too small to fit on today’s male mannequins which tend to be 5’11”and taller with a muscular in build.

In the past a teen age mannequin was the only option (or a dress form) but often the proportions were off and also the face was too young. (Granted all mannequin’s faces – regardless of age – are as smooth as a flat screen tv. )

We now offer three versions of short male mannequins. They range in height from 5’8″ to 5’9″

There is this short male mannequin who has bendable arms and a five o’clock shadow on this face, giving him a rugged look.


This short male mannequin does not have bendable arms, but he has killer abs.


Then there is this short male mannequin who, at  5′ 8″ the shortest adult male we have. I’ve been told his arm position is ideal for placing a weapon in his arms.


Can’t make up your mind which one to get? Buy one of each here.


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