The Maker Movement has increased the demand for mannequins and mannequin parts.


The Maker Movement is different from crafting as it is more of a technology-based extension of the DIY culture and population is predominately male.


Some Makers buy mannequins because they are designing wearable technology or attaching drones or some other technology to them.


Others are buying mannequins (usually just mannequin parts) to make lamps and furniture.


We have seen so many creative examples of lamps and furniture made from mannequin limbs we started this board on Pinterest to showcase them.

Last month, Make Magazine published our DIY tutorial for mannequin a leg lamp. Ours is a sexy, modern version of the classic Christmas Story Leg Lamp and we use a clear leg so that you can put different objects inside the leg that will be visible.


Our selection of clear mannequin items are very popular with makers who like the transparency.

6  Makers also love our used mannequins mannequin boneyard where they can purchase distressed mannequins and mannequin limbs at a deeply discounted prices.

Warning most of our used and boneyard items are available ONLY if you can come to our warehouse in Oakland, Ca. Our website has a very limited selection of what we have available for sale.



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