We have a variety of styles of Big and Tall & Plus size mannequins – something for every price range.

Big and Tall. This is what male mannequins that are larger than the standard size found in stores are called Their female counterparts are called Plus Size.

Seems to me that a better name for the females would be curvy or voluptuous since we don’t call the male Hefty Size. I’ll save that for another another blog post.


We now have three different styles of Big and Tall male mannequins – something for every need and budget.

We have big and tall mannequins with realistic faces – one with formed hair and another that is bald.


We have muscle man mannequins with egghead faces, available in a range of colors.


And then we have our deluxe big and tall  mannequin – made with magnetic arms and a special type of fiberglass that makes him almost unbreakable.  He comes in three different poses.

 4We have a few more choices plus size female mannequins which you can find here.

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