Demure. Subdued. Virginal Princess. That is the theme of most window displays of bridal products.

But that is changing as evidenced to the Kate Spade window display above celebrating gay marriage. (Love the two of a kind signage)

We’ve seen plenty of window displays like the one below by Monique Lhuillier. But while every bride wants to be the center of attention on her wedding day, not every bride dreams of being a princess on her wedding day.


Here are images from our Pinterest board that showcase unusual bridal displays from retailers around the globe.

This retailer below has a display for the bride who wants her wedding NIGHT to be as memorable as her wedding day. Peekay Inc sells romantic and sensual products and adult toys.


Here is another retailer that appeals to the activities on the wedding night.


This retailer has a bride who has just a hint of a baby bump.


Based on the expression and pose of the groom, this might be a shot gun wedding.

Then there is Island Bridal, they specialize in selling bridal wear for destination weddings. A bride getting married on a beach in Jamaica is going to need a different dress than a bride getting married in a church.

(And if she is getting married for the second time, she might not want to wear white. They fill this niche in the market.)

In addition to wedding gowns, they also sell jeweled headbands and laced headpieces as an alternative wedding veils. (I want one)


And they purchased these ultra chic mannequin heads from us to display thee headpieces when they attend trade-shows. The “blushing bride” is instead a “I’m too sexy for the catwalk bride”


This display from retailer Printemps in Paris has a “film noir” quality about it. We think the black gloss mannequins (available for sale at Mannequin Madness) look fantastic!


Send us images of unique wedding displays that you see and we will send you a 15% discount coupon to use at Mannequin Madness


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