Whether you own a retail store or have an online store, if you are using a mannequin to display the garments, this video shows the best practices of how to handle the mannequin.

In the video the visual merchandiser is wearing gloves to handle the mannequin, which we highly recommend even though this is not always practical. It helps to protect the mannequin from nicks and scuffs.

Our only quibble with the video is that he places the mannequin directly on a wood floor when dressing it – which kinda defeats the purpose of wearing the gloves. We suggest you put the mannequin parts on a blanket or at least on carpet when you lay the parts down when assembling or disassembling it.

Lastly, one of the best tools to clean a mannequin is Mr Clean Magic Eraser’s and it appears as that is exactly what the visual merchandiser is doing near the end of the video when he has finished dressing the mannequin.


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