Many of our customers at Mannequin Madness are makers/crafters who are either buying a mannequin form to help them design their product or they need it to display their product at a craft show.

So we have a vested interest in wanting to help them  be successful when they exhibit at craft shows. That is why we frequently repost articles from blogs which provide tips and strategies for creating a good craft show booth. One of our favorite resources is the Creative Income Blog.

The following article is from their blog which has 10 innovative ways to make your craft booth pop. Notice that tip #9 about a mannequin. We love it when a third party validates the significance of having a mannequin or dress form at craft show booths

1. Put together an eye-catching backdrop

Image credit: Vintage Show Off

2. Repurpose a rustic ladder

Image credit: Refresh Restyle

3. Pair your products with out-of-the-ordinary props

Image credit: Bubbles on My Planet

4. Paint the insides of your shelves

Image credit: Chickaniddy

5. Utilize stark contrast

Image credit:

6. Flowers, flowers, flowers!

Image credit: Maven Bride

7. Craft some creative tags

Image Credit: Indulgy

8. Give an old wine bottle a new life

Image credit: Xoxo DIY

9. Dress Up a Mannequin (you can find used mannequins and dress forms at Mannequin Madness at discount prices)

Image Credit: Craft Show Designs

10. Display your crafts in clear jars

 For more merchandising ideas, visit this Craft Store Merchandising Ideas board  on Pinterest.


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