Mannequin Madness is offering discounts on rentals and sales of mannequins to exhibitors at the SF Renegade Craft Fair

According to this post on the Renegade Craft blog, “While the highlight of the fair is all about is all of the wonderful handmade goodness to be seen and purchased at the event, it’s the booth display that really draws people in closer to see what you have to offer.”

An eye-catching display does not have to COST a lot to LOOK high end.

At Mannequin Madness, we believe you can stretch your budget by buying used fixtures, renting them or repurposing something.

The more creative and well put-together your booth display is, the more eye-catching it will be to attendees, which means more sales.


For example, most craft show vendors display their jewelry on black or jewelry forms similar to these above.

Look at how much more impactful the jewelry looks on forms with different shapes, colors and materials. It enhances, not detracts from the jewelry and sets your pieces apart from the others.


Sometimes a little elbow grease is needed. For example we acquired these accessory displays from a Bloomingdale’s store and were selling for $40 each. A new paint job makes these sparkle.


These forms can display jewelry, scarves and purses and can be lowered or raised to different heights to create a dramatic effect.

We sell used headless mannequins and french dress forms (popular craft show favorites) and we also have a mannequin boneyard for those on a tight budget.

Our boneyard has items like damaged mannequin hands that you can slap a glove on a create a display like this:


For the #SFRenegadeFestival, our discount applies ONLY on items in our Oakland warehouse – which are rentals and used mannequins. And you must come to our warehouse to pick up.

The new mannequins on our website ship from LA or NJ and are not part of this promotion.

We rent our items on a weekly basis to give you have plenty of time to pick up before the event and time to chill after the trade show is over before you have to bring them back. We know how exhausting a trade show can be.

Here are our reduced rates:


$30 – for a dress form (normally $65)

$75 – for a mannequin (normally $125)


All the used items in our Oakland warehouse are already deeply discounted from the normal retail price. But we are offering an additional 10% discount on sales if you pay cash.

We have a lot more items in our Oakland warehouse than what we have posted here on our website, so come pay us a visit.  We are open by appointment only.

You can either email us  (sales@mannequinmadness.com) or call us (510 444 0650) to schedule a time to visit our warehouse. Please bring documentation to prove that your are exhibiting at this trade show to be eligible for the discount.

For more tips on craft show success, check out this link on Etsy.


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