This is part two of our article containing 14 tips on how to create “profit perfect” window displays —  that is, windows displays that get customers to stop, look and come inside.


For brick-and-mortar retailers, many things have changed over the last few years, but constructing window displays is still a powerful way to drive impulse sales and lure prospective customers into stores.


When your goal is to stop pedestrians in their tracks, throwing a little merchandise in a window isn’t enough. You need the right skills and knowledge to create effective sensory bait.

If you’re struggling with visual merchandising concepts and theme ideas for your display windows, these tips can help.  Read yesterday’s blog post for the first 7 tips.

This article was written by  Tom Greenhaw, the founder of Cashier Live, the leader in web-based POS software. The photos are from various Mannequin Madness boards on Pinterest which have lots of window display ideas from around the world.

8 Dont Skimp on Signage

Although some window displays speak for themselves, shoppers love clear and distinctive signage. If you’re offering a special discount, a new brand or a unique product, make sure people who pass by your window know about it. You can also use signs to incorporate a little humor into your display.

3Laughing can put anyone in a better mood, and happy customers are more likely to be curious about what you have to offer.

9 Merchandise in Action

Use window displays to show shoppers how your merchandise will look and function in their homes. Place books or magazines on a coffee table. Set dining tables with elegant silverware. Wrap fuzzy throws around a mannequin’s shoulders and place her by a faux fireplace. Pair pots and pans with cookbooks or displays of gourmet oils or spices.


 10 Its All Relative

Incorporate merchandise from several categories that share a related theme. This method can drive impulse sales by reminding customers what else they need. For example, a set of dishes can be accompanied by drinking glasses, tablecloths, kitchen towels or potholders.

11 Put It in the Spotlight

Moths aren’t the only creatures drawn to dramatic lighting. Well-placed spotlights make it impossible to pass by your window display without looking. You can also incorporate LED lighting or electric candles.

12 Keep It Moving

Merchandise that moves demands attention and catches almost everyone’s eye. Obvious choices include moving toys, music boxes and clocks. When you’re featuring merchandise that doesn’t move on its own, consider adding elements that produce motion around them such as oscillating fans or rotating display tables.


13 The Rule of Three

There’s something about the number three that people just love. Whenever you can, merchandise with this number in mind. If you are setting a candle display, offer a tall, a taller and a tallest candle. Place red, blue and yellow swimsuits in a lineup. When practical, price items in sets of threes and provide a visual example.

14 No Results? Change Things Up!

Visual merchandising is an art form, and many variables play into its success. If your new window display isn’t generating the excitement you hoped for, try something else. Take note of which types of displays seem to work best for your store.

Try to keep an open mind, and actively change and adapt to your customers’ needs. If you pay attention, you’ll soon discover what types of visual and sensory stimulation best influence your target demographic.

Keep trying until you get it right; your perfect profit-boosting window display is always just around the corner!