Below are photos with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble mannequins that are most commonly found on online. These are the type of mannequins that are generally imported from China.

The manufacturing process of the mannequins from China are different from mannequins from European or US based companies like Rootstein, Schlappi, Goldsmith and Patina V.  If you have a mannequin made by one of those brands, these instructions will not apply.

These instructions also include how to install the stand – whether you use the foot rod (if the mannequin has a hole in the foot) or the calf rod.

1、.Base and supporting rods1 2、Take off the screw from foot rod2 3.    Set up the foot rod on the base3
4、complete the base with foot rod4 5、put the mannequin on the foot rod5 6.    Put the longer rod over the foot rod6
7.    Put the mannequin on the calf support7 8.    Attach one leg to the lower body8 9.    Complete the leg installation9
10、insert the metal stick into torso10 11.turn around to hook up11 12.Switch it to the right side12
13.Hook up the hand13 14.   Hook the arm on shoulder plate14 15.   Complete body15