Mannequins and dress forms are becoming a trending feature to have as a “guestbook” at a party or special event. The advantage of using them instead of a book is two-fold.


First, your guests will be clamoring to leave their mark on it, because it is not everyday that people get to write on a mannequin.


People love the unexpected. And, if your event has a fashion theme, a mannequin or dress form totally complements the event.


Secondly, you will have a three dimensional keepsake to have on display in your home or office. The mannequin itself becomes a work of art and a visible reminder of your event.

To achieve this look, you can either buy a high quality jersey covered dress form like this one for $95.00


Or you can spray paint a mannequin in chalkboard paint. This way if someone writes something inappropriate, you can just erase it.


And chalkboard paint comes in a lot of different colors. You aren’t limited to black.


A chalkboard mannequin gives you the flexibility of erasing it after each event and using the mannequin again and again for other purposes.


When we had a chalkboard mannequin at our booth at the 2015 MakerFaire, we had to erase him multiple times during the course of the event in order to accommodate the demands to sign it.

People wrote on every available space – even his metal stand which was also sprayed with chalkboard paint.

And you don’t have to buy a new mannequin for either one of these projects. This is a good use of the used mannequins on our website or on craigslist.  Just make sure the mannequin or form is on a sturdy stand.


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