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Mannequins are often associated with store displays or junk shops, but there are tons of ways you can use an old mannequin to decorate your room.

The sheer size of a mannequin makes it an eye catching display and a great investment for any decorator. A life size physical form gives an eclectic and artistic feeling to any room, but you may be stuck coming up with ideas of how to make your mannequin decoration stand apart.

Here are a few fun ideas to decorate your room using a mannequin that are sure to win the admiration of your friends.

First you may want to dress up your actual mannequin body. It’s possible your mannequin is the typical beige fabric used for sewing or it may be an ugly styrofoam model. Many of the types from the sixties and seventies have beautiful curves but are made of styrofoam.

These models are often priced the lowest because they seem undesirable. To make the actual form more pleasing to look at, you can cover the mannequin with decoupage or collage it with vintage newspaper scraps.


Another great idea for covering your mannequin is by using old sewing patterns. They have the same neutral coloring but interesting designs and words that match well with the mannequin. Use fabric glue to attach the paper to the mannequin, overlapping the pieces to cover the entire form.  Then cover the whole project with an overcoat of Elmer’s Glue All. Let the piece dry for at least one full day. While you’re waiting check out other DIY projects available at Modernize.


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Once you’ve made your mannequin custom to you, you can begin to use it around your home. One of the most common usages for mannequins is for displaying clothing. Your new mannequin can be used as a display for your most prized items and since it has a natural vintage feeling, you could also use it to display your family’s heirlooms.

Drape your grandmother’s wedding dress over your mannequin to create a visual reminder of your family’s lineage and add a beautiful vintage piece to the room. The dress will become the focus immediately and visitors are sure to comment.

If the dress owner has passed, you will instantly feel reconnected every time you enter the room. Use a head form to display an intricate hat from an era long past. These look especially good displayed on a shelf next to a few choice books.


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Mannequins are also great for displaying clothing items of your own that tend to become tangled or wrinkled in storage. Layer your long necklaces on the neck of your mannequin to prevent them from knotting up.

This will become a beautiful display and will help you choose your accessories more easily. You may also choose to wrap your silk scarves around the neck of your mannequin, creating a vibrant tiered display.

The scarves will tie into the vintage theme and keep your silks from wrinkling. There is nothing worse for silk than being crammed into a box, creating folds and tears in the fragile fabric.


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With these ideas, your new mannequin is sure to become a staple in your home. You can use it to help stay organized or display your family heirlooms. No matter what you choose, the eye catching display is sure to become a beautiful decor item for years to come.


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