One of the frequent questions we get asked when people buy a new or used mannequin from us, is “How Do I Paint it? We offer three options.
1 Find a mannequin repair/refurbishing facility near you. This blog post has a list of many such companies around the country (scroll down the page)
2 Take it to an auto body painting facility. They are familiar with painting on fiberglass and will have the best paint and wide range of paint choices.
3 Many of our customers have had great results painting the mannequins themselves using fiberglass. For tips read the article below with step by step instructions which is reposted from the We Spray Paint Anything blog. The company is based in the UK and are experts are painting.
Learning how to spray paint a mannequin is very easy, and you only have to follow very simple steps. White mannequins are so common and most of the time, these get dirty through time. Though mannequins are rarely touched except when you change clothes and accessories displayed on them, it can still look old. It does not matter how stylish are the clothes on it, if the mannequin is dirty, it won’t look as attractive.
Follow these super simple steps on how to spray paint a mannequin and start boosting your sales and beautifying your displays in no time.
You first have to gather all the materials you need which you most probably already have. If not, these are readily available in most supermarkets or hardware stores:
1.Gloves and face mask for added safety and protection. You don’t want paint on your face and hands. You also don’t want to inhale too much of the harmful chemicals of paint.
2.Old newspapers to keep your floor neat and protected from paint splatter.
3.Canned spray paint or you can use compressor spray but canned is so much easier!
4.Rags, water and soap to clean your mannequin and the area where you’ll be doing the job afterwards.
Once your materials are ready, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to spray paint a mannequin:
1.Start by washing the mannequin completely with soap and water to get rid of all sorts of dirt.
2.Let the mannequin dry or wipe off excess water with a rag.
3.Place the mannequin on a well-ventilated area and put it right on top of old newspapers to avoid paint splatter all over the floor.
4.Make sure the mannequin is very clean and completely dry.
5.Begin spray painting. Two coats should be enough.
6.Let the mannequin air dry. This may take the rest of the day.
7.Your mannequin is ready. Dress it up and accessorize!
Know how to spray paint a mannequin and let your display stand out as you place it right outside your store window. If you are a designer and you make clothes for clients, you can also add a burst of color to match the outfit well on the dresses you make by spray painting your mannequin.
After all, who wants common when you can be unique and stand out? Let your creativity come to life as you learn how to spray paint a mannequin. You don’t have to be a professional to do this because it’s so easy, and all the materials you need are easily accessible as well. Never settle for average and common because you can actually stand out and be unique only if you try. All products for mannequin spray painting are available at the WSA shop.
This article was reposting from  We Spray