Over $8 million dollars in sales were generated in Halloween related items in 2012. Halloween is no longer the domaine of pint size trick or treaters.

A recent Harris Poll showed, that while only a small minority adults actually dress up in costume, a big majority plan to celebrate Halloween in some other way such as:

    • Giving out candy to trick-or-treaters (57%);
    • Putting up Halloween decorations (31%);
    • Carving pumpkins (24%);
    • Attending a Halloween party (24%);
    • Trick-or-treating with kids or grandkids (23%); and,
    • Watching scary movies (23%)


We sell a lot of mannequins and mannequin parts at Mannequin Madness in October to people for Halloween decorations. Often by Oct 21 our mannequin boneyard is barren. This year we are sponsoring a contest for the most creative Halloween display using mannequin parts.

Here are some of the reasons why adults like Halloween:

1 Halloween gives you permission to dress up (or undress) to indulge your fantasies and escape from reality for a few hours.



2 You aren’t obligated to be with family members that you haven’t seen in awhile like you are at Thanksgiving and Xmas.


4 You can decorate anyway you want – goth, horror, pumpkins, witches – as Halloween doesn’t have to adhere to the political/religious sensitivities that Xmas, Easter and Thanksgiving do.


Note, the photos in the blog post were provided by avid mannequin collector, Howard Murray, who hosts legendary Halloween parties at his home.  Each year he has a different theme and decorates his home (and mannequins) accordingly.


5 No shopping for gifts, no Black Friday, no standing in line at 3am waiting for Target or Walmart to open

Read tomorrow’s blog post for the remaining 5 reasons why adults love Halloween. For ideas on creative Halloween Displays (using mannequin parts of course) check out our Pinterest board.


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