Florists are using mannequins and dress forms as a canvas for creating holiday decor with a fashion twist.

Initially we first noticed this with luxury clothiers like Oscar de la Renta, who created this skirt with pine leaves for his holiday windows.


But now we are seeing variations of this idea for  party decor or in private homes and offices as an alternative to having a Christmas tree.

We sold more cloth and wire dress forms this year to florists than we ever have before and it must be because of this trend.

Here are our top 7 favorites from our Pinterest board .

1 This is wonderful way to have the smell of fresh pine in your environment without the hassle of a Christmas tree. If you want a tutorial (with lots of photos ) to explain how to make this you can buy it here.


2 This one seems perfect for a holiday party or store window.


3  When we posted the one below on our Facebook page it received more shares and comments than any of the other ones. For a tutorial on how to make this with the wide skirt click here.


4 Florists often like to use a wire dress form like the one in the photo below. This one is pretty elaborate because it requies chicken wire to create the long skirt. For a simpler version check out this tutorial for a short “skirt” using faux garland or this one with a long “skirt” using live garland.


5 The wonderful feature about a Dress Form Xmas tree is that after the holidays are over you can remove the foliage and use the dress form for another purpose.


6 We sometimes have vintage dress forms like this one available for sale. The hardware on the form really adds to the elegance of the entire look.

77  A good way to repurpose a used or damaged dress form is to paint it like this one, it really makes the holiday foliage pop.


If you want to see more ideas like this follow our Dress Forms Christmas tree board on Pinterest. And after Christmas is over you can re-use  mannequins and dress forms for designs we have on our Floral Art With Mannequins board on Pinterest.

Visit to buy cloth and wire dress forms.



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