Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at Mannequin Madness.

That is the time when we clear out our mannequin boneyard  party planners, retailers and private individuals buy the distressed mannequins and mannequin parts we have for sale to do projects like this:


There are countless boards on Pinterest devoted to Halloween costumes, make-up and food. But for those wanting something more elaborate like Halloween props and decoration ideas for a party or haunted house, we have selected our five favorites.

In addition to this list below we  have some of our own Pinterest boards devoted to Halloween. We have one on Halloween Window Displays which is geared primarily towards retail store windows and haunted houses, but there are some display ideas that can be used anywhere. Related to our Halloween board is our board on Day of the Dead Displays. 

We have  another board on  Pumpkins and Jack O’lanterns to showcase ideas like this (which has nothing to do with mannequins, but I just love pumpkins)


And my personal favorite is the board I created on DIY Halloween Costumes.  I have won first place in many Halloween contests I have entered over the years and have a good eye on creating a show stopper costume on a budget.

Okay, on to the best Pinterest boards (besides our own) for Halloween with ideas, tutorials and videos on how to make a legendary Halloween party or have the best haunted house on the block.

DIY Halloween Props 



Halloween Haunted House Ideas 


Halloween DIY displays to Die For 



4  Halloween Props – last time I checked this board had over 500 pins with Halloween Props and Decor




5 Halloween Haunts DIY Props 




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9 years ago

AWESOME boards, thank you. I made a crank glow-in-the-dark ghost like the one above last year. 😉 It is such a cool effect.

Lisa S.
Lisa S.
9 years ago

If you love Halloween from yesteryear, please visit my pinterest boards dedicated entirely to Vintage Halloween at http://www.pinterest.com/vtghalloween . Thanks!

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