We get a little crazy here at Mannequin Madness during Halloween. It was always one of my favorite events BEFORE I got into the mannequin business.

Over the years my (ex)husband and I have won first place for many of our Halloween costumes.

But now we love Halloween because our sales increase with folks buying mannequins and mannequin parts for their Halloween displays.

And it is not just retailers that are doing Halloween displays, but restaurants, party planners, schools, florists, and private individuals. Our mannequin boneyard is empty by Oct 28.

Most of our blog posts in October are centered around Halloween displays to give people ideas (even though most people who celebrate Halloween are on the creative side anyway)

Mannequin Madness has a Pinterest Board devoted to Halloween Window Displays (using mannequins of course!)

What do you think of this ghoulish display from Barney’s? We think it is one of the best ways of using a headless mannequins that we have seen. (We are kinda anti-headless mannequins in retail windows)

This traditional display with four jack o’lanterns makes us yawn. If they had used oversized pumpkins or a bunch of pumpkins this display would have been a lot more eye-catching.


This display from a Lord and Taylor is a photo from a publication that is almost 20 years old (hence the dated hair and clothing). The black cat sitting on the crescent moon gives the display an eerie and understated elegance.

I think the mannequins should have had something in their hands – a broom or witches hat for example. Or else a pitchfork along with devil’s horns coming out of their heads.

Which type of display do you like?

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