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Here’s a simple way to get a Valentine’s Day” vibe in a retail store display
without actually having any holiday-specific product in it…
Build a color story, 
then punctuate it with a few cheap heart props!
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 In the window display of this resale store (upscale thrift/secondhand) 
here’s how it works:* The “fixtures” are white: a white love seat, a white glass-door cabinet, and a white screen
(which is actually made by using the tall glass doors from two shelf units)* The display is built around fashion – from clothing to accessories –
including shoes, handbags, scarves, belts, glasses, jewelry, and a few ornate picture frames.
* It’s all PINK!
Even the black and white funky jacket on the mannequin has hot pink in it…

…the contrast is good for the composition!

* The “props” are shopping bags with pink designs & designer logos
(which continues the fashion story) —  two little gray felt gift bags with pink hearts,

and some fun hearts made from scrapbooking paper in pink prints that hang from pink ribbon.
(that spin and attract attention)
                                                          Winter Laura's House displays 2015 1044
Winter Laura's House displays 2015 1123
* Lighting: two up-lights and overhead track lights illuminate the mannequin
and the clothing displayed on the love seat.
To change out this window display, all of the pink can easily be removed 
and another color placed on the mannequin and on the fixtures…
using bright green and yellow home decor accessories would work perfectly
as a visual and conceptual change of pace for the coming spring months!
Don’t miss more Valentine’s Day decor and retail display ideas on my February Hearts Pinterest Board
 along with other merchandising tips in the Valentine’s Day posts here on my blog!
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