We always suspected that our blog posts and Pinterest boards showed retailers the value of creating eye-catching window displays. (great window displays = more customers) Now we have proof – and it comes all the way from Ireland.
Una Butler, a florist in Carnew,  a village in County Wicklow, Ireland sent us an email. She sent us the photo of the Valentine’s window display she created as a result of a something she saw on our blog post and Valentines’ Day Pinterest boardWe had no idea that our blog inspires retail store owners in Ireland!
Una had seen this window display created by LA visual merchandiser Keith Dillion that we posted on our blog last Valentine’s day.



Most florist’s just put flowers in the window and think that is enough to bring customers into the store for Valentine’s day.
Given how competitive the floral business is, the savvy florist knows that creating a sense of drama and romance in their window displays will make them stand out from everybody else. And be remembered long after Valentine’s Day is over.
 Here is the window display created by “Expressions by Una” 


And she sent us this email: “Just want to say a big thanks for this fab design. I am a florist in a small town in ireland and had window length but not window height inside to create this stunning display But with what i had available to me I was very happy with the final result….. thank you for the idea and inspiration…..”   Expressions by Una
Una – you we just want to say BRAVO! Great job and we are grateful that you took the time to write us. Don’t you just love the internet?
And to Una and all the other retailers out there, here are a few tips that you can do to to tweak this display and use it for other occasions:
 -have the female mannequin lean against the male mannequin (instead of facing him)
-experiment with the male having different types of floral arrangements in his hand
-for event’s like father’s day, have the female mannequin give the male mannequin a balloon bouquet
– put a maternity pillow on the female and have the male mannequin give the female a baby themed product  (great for mother’s day display)
FYI – it is preferable to have the mannequins in the same style – meaning you currently have a realistic female mannequin and an abstract male mannequin.
Send us photos of your window displays. If we post them here (and if you are in the US) we will send you a 15% discount coupon for a future purchase at Mannequin Madness.