This display was created by visual merchandising students at Mohawk College in Canada. Considering the minuscule budget they most likely had to work with, they created a more captivating display than many retailers do with much larger visual merchandising budgets. 

The students clearly understand that window displays which touch passerby on a visceral level,  increase the chances of them coming inside your store to make a purchase. What is more of an emotional pull than witnessing a marriage proposal?  (Even if it is between two dummies) 
Yes, better signage, lighting and backdrops would have enhanced the look, but the gist of this display is PERFECTION. 
For Valentine’s Day, almost any type of retailer put this display in the window – a clothing retailer, a florist, a gift store. And this display could be used anytime of the year for a jewelry or bridal store.
If you want a kneeling male mannequin like that, we have one here.