Earlier this week we showed you DIY projects using our life wire dress forms to create floral displays. Here are other examples from our Pinterest board.


Some floral displays on wire dress forms are easy and self-explanatory like this one from the flower shop stories blog:

Others require skills like this one created by Plaza Flowers for the New York Flower Show dinner dance.


The wonderful thing about using a wire dress form as a trellis is that they are so versatile.

They are perfect for any time you want and event that blend flowers with fashion, like the one created for a bat mitzvah by Charlotte Design.


And unlike a glass vase, a wire dress form can take a lot of abuse before it breaks. Here is a cute one for a baby shower:


And if you get tired of using it for floral displays you can re-purpose it to use it as storage to organize craft supplies like ribbon or yarn.


And during the holiday season you can buy our Dress Form Christmas tree tutorial and turn the wire form into beautiful holiday decor like this.

Send us photos of your DIY projects using a wire dress form and we will feature you here and pin it on our Pinterest board.


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