There has been an increase in popularity of florists using dress forms or mannequins to create fashion themed floral displays like this one:


In the past florists were buying mannequin forms when they were participating in a floral industry trade show and wanted to make a big splash.

But we have been selling A LOT of  new and used dress forms at Mannequin Madness to florists who are use them as a canvas for a range of creative purposes for individuals and businesses.

1 This past Christmas holiday decorations on a dress form like this one was huge hit,


You can see other examples of holiday decor on mannequins on our Christmas Trees for the Fashion Forward board on Pinterest.

2 Sometimes clothing retailers will ask florists to create headpieces for mannequins for spring themed displays.


3 And then sometimes florists are using mannequins in the windows of their own store to promote seasonal events like Valentine’s Day. How romantic is this one? LOVE IT!


4 Or Halloween


5 One florist rented a mannequin from us for six weeks and each week he featured a different style wedding theme –  daytime wedding,  formal evening  wedding, garden wedding etc. He had the appropriate wedding gown on the mannequin and flower arrangements to match that theme.

Unfortunately we did not get a photo, but this photo will give you the general idea. Only the florist had a lot more flowers in the window, not just the bride’s bouquet.


6 Life size Wire mannequins are often used as a canvas to create centerpieces for fashion themed parties and fundraisers. This was for a bat mitzvah.


7  Another popular choice for a table centerpiece is floral designs on a styrofoam mannequin head.


For more examples of fashion, flowers and mannequins, see our Floral Art on a Mannequins board on Pinterest. And if you need new or used mannequins, mannequin heads or dress forms, we have them all