You don’t have to be a florist to create beautiful floral displays with a life size wire mannequin as a trellis. We will be featuring various examples of floral displays using a life size wire mannequin in our blog this week.


First is an Easter themed floral display  that we created in less than 20 minutes –

However we had a head start because we repurposed one of the many Dress Form Xmas Trees that we created last year using this step by step tutorial.


We removed all the holiday decorations except for the skirt made of faux pine garland. The pine garland provided a cushion to insert the silk flowers.


We used an abundance of big and colorful silk flowers to completely conceal the pine garland.


Then we placed fake Easter eggs in the bodice and tied a lace ribbon around the waist.

All products, except for the lace ribbon were purchased at Big Lotss (selection varies by store location) – so this was fast AND economical.

After Easter is over we going to remove the eggs and leave the bodice empty and use this for a Mother’s Day display.

Come back this week to see other DIY floral projects using a wire dress form. And follow our Easter and Spring Pinterest board for more ideas like this.

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