For customers, first impressions are everything. As important as thoughtful shelf arrangements are to a refined interior decor, well designed mannequins are vital to customer relatability and an increase in sales.

This is a guest blog post written by Albert Krav. All images are from our jewelry displays board on Pinterest.

Mannequins whether tall neck, vintage dress form a classic bust or a mannequin hand—have the ability to provoke customers into considering a new sense of fashion and even inspire them to shift their lifestyle to match the store’s aesthetic.

Follow these simple steps to best display jewelry on a mannequin for your business.



Establish a Mood

Whether your store specializes in upscale boutique consignment or thrifty vintage, establishing a sense of mood and ambiance is essential in setting your business apart.

By propping mannequins intentionally around the store, create eye-catching displays that serve as visual cues to your store’s art direction.


In this way, customers can enter into a thematic space where mannequins act as not only high attention pieces from one area of the store to another, but as pillars of visibility to your best selling products.

Be Creative

Set mannequins and neckline busts on a 360°swivel base for optimal viewing from every angle.

Giving customers the choice of many different focal points lets you weave in artistic narratives into a line of mannequins uniquely poised to convey a certain meaning or emotion.

Since mannequins provide a standard for customers to base their own image, it is very important that customers interact with the models.

A mannequin that is displayed to demonstrate emotion encourages the customer to have a pleasant shopping experience and impacts their shopping behavior positively.



Allow Simplicity

After deciding on a strategic placement of the mannequins, it’s important to consider how to display the jewelry on the mannequin.

Many businesses utilize “arm party” holders or a cluster of many different necklaces on a single bust, but the key to maximizing a sense of high fashion is simplicity.

For example, pair a 10k gold necklace slung loosely around a neckline bust with a matching set of gold drop earrings clipped to the side.


The complement between these pieces distinguishes its individual features and allow them to shine in its own space. A finely balanced set of jewelry even brings out an elegance that can otherwise be overlooked.


Categorize by Style

A singular theme per mannequin allows for an organic feel, so aim to base jewelry sets on color schemes, sophistication, and style.

However, coordinating a color palette that strikingly contrasts against the jewelry can be very effective, too.

Designer enSoie emphasizes the vivid hues of their gemstone collection by placing them against a backdrop of complementary colors.

Utilizing opposite colors allows their jewelry to be modeled both beautifully and effectively.

Let the Jewelry Speak For Itself

Don’t be afraid to disregard entire ensembles of mismatched jewelry in favor for a jewelry hand stand that emphasizes a standalone sparkling citrine inlaid ring, or a jewelry tree that brings out the elegance of a paired howlite stone bracelet and white gold necklace.

By strategically featuring jewelry pieces on mannequins posts throughout your store, your art direction and presentation can revitalize your business, boost sales, and incite meaningful conversations with your customer base.


Go beyond typical presentations and let your new jewelry displays leave a lasting impression.

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